RULES of the Game On Diet!

Teaming UpTeams must be decided before the game begins. Teams of 2 – 5 are fine. There are benefits to playing in a small team and a large team. Team members’ scores are averaged each week, so everyone’s actions count!

Communication - You must be in communication with at least one member of your team and a competing team at least once a day. You can communicate via email, text, phone, or in person.  You can earn 5 daily communication points for communicating. (You must communicate with both your team and an opposing team to earn points).

The Honor SystemEach player keeps their own score on the spreadsheet I sent out. Please do this with absolute integrity.  Judge yourself at least as harshly as you would judge your opponent. Everything counts. Eat even one Jelly Bean in between meals… take the snacking penalty.

The Weigh-In- Weigh yourself on Tuesday January 1st, in the morning, as soon as you can after waking. Then, weigh each Tuesday morning before doing the final points tally for the week. If Monday is your day off, you may weigh yourself Monday nmorning instead.  (The point is, you don’t want to weigh in the morning AFTER your day off!)

Each week, you must lose 1 percent of your body weight to earn a bonus that equal 20 percent of your points scored for the week.

Your weight x 0.01 = Weekly weight loss needed goal to earn Bonus Points

Your Points Earned this week x 0.2 = Bonus Points

Note: If weight loss is not a goal, you can set yourself a fitness goal instead. You must declare your fitness goal in advance, and you are accountable to report on your progress honestly.


Details on the Fitness Goal
DETERMINE an appropriate and very aggressive Fitness Goal that you can use in place of the weight loss goal.  Here are the guidelines from the book. Note the examples are challenging, much more so than just doing 20 minutes of exercise a day.

-           Do a HIIT workout on Monday. If you do a stationary bike, and the highest level you can sustain for a certain amount of time is 6, then set yourself a goal of reaching level 7 by Sunday. If you do it, you get your bonus points. The key here, as with every aspect of this game, is complete integrity. Ride as hard as you can on Monday. Then train like hell to beat yourself a week later. If you don’t do it, you don’t get the bonus points!
-          You can also set yourself a distance goal (if you can run only five miles on Monday, you want to be able to run five and a half by Saturday).
-           Or a weightlifting goal (set yourself a goal weight). You get the idea.


  • You get one full day off. Give yourself full points for everything on this day.
  • You get one other meal off.  Full points awarded for this meal, whatever you eat.
  • Each day you get 100 calories that you can use for "treats", excluding alcohol and diet pop (if we vote that out of the game). 

Food Rules
·         Eat five small meals a day. 
·         Each meal should include a combination of lean protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates (like whole grains and fruit, and/or vegetables). 
·         A list of foods is found following the link above.
·         Meals must be no fewer than two and no more than four hours apart. 
·         Meals must contain none of the F.L.A.B.B. foods you listed on the Foods List page. 
·         You must include veggies in at least two of your meals or you cannot receive your meal points for these meals.
·         Each fully sanctioned meal is worth 6 points for a total of 30 possible meal points a day. There are no partial points for meals that meet some of the rules. 6 or 0.
·         Between meals, you may snack on ONLY cucumbers and celery without penalty. Any other snacks, including juices, pop with sugar, and lattes earn you a snack penalty.
·         The Exception: Each day, in addition to your five meals, you may consume up to 100 calories of whatever you want (including the F.L.A.B.B. foods on the list) but not including alcohol, or pop.
·         Penalty: If you eat anything between meals besides cucumbers and celery, you must deduct a 10-point snacking penalty.  

Exercise - You must exercise (any kind of exercise that makes your breathing speed up) for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, to earn 20 points a day. Extra minutes each day do not earn extra points. There are no partial points for less than 20 minutes of exercise.

Water - Drink a minimum of 3 liters (about 12 cups) of water a day for a total of 10 points each day. You do not earn partial points for drinking some of the water.

Sleep - To earn 15 sleep points, you must be in bed with the lights out a minimum of seven hours before you know you have to wake up. You do not earn partial points for fewer hours of sleep.

The Exception: If you suffer from severe insomnia—severe enough that you have been to see at least one doctor or specialist about your inability to fall asleep or stay asleep—then you can earn your 15 sleep points each day by practicing at least three of the suggestions from the National Sleep Foundation each night or by practicing a bedtime yoga routine each night.

Transformation - You earn 10 points a day by eliminating an unhealthy habit and 10 points a day by practicing a new healthy habit.  You must declare both of your habit choices to your teammates and Karen and stick with them for the entire game.

The Penalty: If you cannot continue with your habit, you may change it, BUT each time you change your habit choices, you lose 50 points, so choose carefully!

Alcohol, Coffee, and Soda- No alcohol is to be consumed while you are playing the game except on the day off.  You may also have one portion during the meal off. (That’s two days a week that you can drink alcohol without losing points – choose wisely!)

The Penalty: If you consume alcohol at unsanctioned times, you lose 25 points per portion.  A portion is up to 12 ounces of beer, 6 ounces of wine, or 1.5. ounces of hard liquor.

Coffee- You can have your coffee, but just can’t have your frothy coffee drinks.

Pop – Diet or sugar free only. Any other pop counts as a snack or if consumed with a meal, means you cannot get points for that meal.

Pop may be consumed without penalty on your day off and meal off.