Monday, December 17, 2012

Game On! 2013

We are going to run the Game On Diet again this year. Please let me know if you are interested in participating. The Game On Diet is based on a book, which I have a copy of (Kobo version), but we are making the following change this year:

If you are interested in following another official diet, instead of the foods lists from this program, you can. The following requirements must still be followed:

- no refined sugars, unless your plan includes exercise recovery drinks that include sugar (like protein shakes for P90X etc., this must be stated in advance and used as required by the plan)
- all bread type products must be whole grain variety
- clearly defined portions or eating schedule (the scoresheet works on a 5 meal system)

A note about Weight Loss/Exercise goal:
- you must decide in advance which you are aiming for. The weight loss goal is 1% of body weight. If you choose a fitness goal, it must be a target that you cannot currently meet, and be based on improvement from a benchmark set at the beginning of the program.


  1. Karen - I am running this at my school starting on Friday and would love to see your score sheet. Is there a way you can share it with me?

  2. Sure, but I need your email address. This website just has a "no reply" address when I click on you.